A letter to our community.

6 min readFeb 20, 2022


As has been revealed, I Omar Zaki, pursued an anon profile under the name 0xbrainjar. I did this so that my efforts to build up a suite of products would not be shadowed by a mistake that I made in my past. A mistake that had serious implications and tarnished my career prospects for the rest of my life. I do not downplay the severity of this, it is clear to me more than anyone else. For those that wish to explore this further, all the documentation is available online here. Please do try and reach out for a conversation if you still have concerns I will take the time to address. You will see the settlement and the case in detail. Just note, that the settlement is done under all legality and was settled for a fine which I paid and cleared. I take full responsibility for my actions and the outcome is one which I respect and have adhered to. The purpose of this article, is to directly address the community and our supporters about the unfortunate confusion that has been exasperated online.

0xbrainjar was a place for me to not be defined by this serious misstep (which has been settled and was amplified by the media). My ideas as 0xbrainjar have been the driving force for the community, investors and teams to mobilize for our collective vision.

Yet I must emphasize, Composable Finance is not just 0xBrainjar. I am just one part of the team which has been significantly evolving, since its launch in April 2021 with my first ever article published on this medium page. The concerns of the community are warranted and there are many suggestions that I will be taking onboard to implement.

We continue with our ethos of ship or die and I would like to reiterate that we take fundamental attention to all of our security across our ecosystems. This situation has neither affected the rate at which we ship nor will it affect our commitment to collaborate and expand our collective vision of absolute ecosystem agnosticism. As a founder of Composable, I have been dedicated to ensuring across the board our products could be displayed and materialized for the community and developers. As our team continues to expand, I too have been rolling back in tandem as we continue to hire rapidly, assembling a winning team of competent and experienced developers, strategists, marketeers and leaders for our project.

I take seriously to and understand the concerns of our community and the team at Composable Finance would like to ensure, as has always been shown by our AMAs and posts that our priority is to supersede an ecosystem for a community like no other. I am taking the events in the past few days as a huge learning curve and hope to utilize this time to reflect upon the grievances, but with reflection comes action. I will continue to empower our team and community to maintain our openness to share and collaborate, and as is evidenced through our Gitbook — the team is comprised of cutting-edge shippers, who cover different parts from development, testing, community, projects, and communication.

Composable is thankful to receive support from our early supporters, incubators, investors and advisors which have been foundational to our ambitions, and a crucial part of our journey. Specifically, we know our goals for interoperability and cross-chain infrastructure cannot be achieved alone, and our partnership roster is a testament to that. Composable Labs is a flagship space for innovations utilizing our pioneering code and tech stack, and we continue to work with other incubated projects from our network and investors who can benefit from our tech, products and work together to ensure a collective evolution of DeFi. We know our ambitions for interoperability and cross-chain infrastructure cannot be done alone, that’s why innovators from our labs and beyond must be a crucial part of this journey.

Whilst I will not comment on behalf of other projects, I do believe I have a responsibility to address the unfortunate misinformation that has been shared in the concerned twitter thread in regards to Warp and Force DAO. The respective projects have already responded to this malicious attack on them:

As can be seen from the above, not only does the misinformation compromise our team and innovation but has fabricated claims around other projects and caused unnecessary harm to their communities. If there are any other questions around the above from the community, don’t hesitate to contact me. I would suggest however, your default should be to reach out to the projects and their teams respectively.

Finally, as many of our supporters have outlined, a past settled incident of one individual should not outshine the robust tech of our product, our team and the Composable community. Composable Finance has only emerged in the past 11 months and despite not having the influencer status that many projects quantify through their social media followership, we have been celebrated as a leading force in the Dotsama ecosystem and beyond. That is proof of our product and the challenge to arise to the issues presented with scalability in DeFi. We will continue to ship non-stop and it will continue to be my honor to deliver and to sustain the proof of work of our diverse and talented team.

The testimonies of support which have been received from the community alongside those who have grievances display that our community cares for the innovation and trusts in the code. We as a team and community are commonly bounded by a collective responsibility to ensure that our innovation is robust, secure and accessible. These are fundamentals we will continue to deliver. It is why we built upon Dotsama as our underlying infrastructure for the composable ecosystem, it is why we continue to hire the most robust minds in DeFi who have built for the leading players in the space. Just a few steps which were always going to be rolled out but I would like to just preemptively announce:

  • Audit — we will apply even more robust auditing partners to our technical security infrastructure and welcome suggestions from our community for ways that we can ensure further rigor to our already comprehensive measures
  • Composable Labs — will be adding more resources in the management and strategy team. In the coming days we will be announcing incoming senior positions for this crucial part of our ecosystem.
  • Community suggestions spaces — formalized spaces for community ideas to develop and evolve above and beyond
  • Dev Comms programme: We have many gigabrains at Composable who are planning on sharing more on the technical architecture, including pair programmings, the roll out of devlogs and AMAs with Karel our CTO and other key developers

For some, I understand this may be a dent in our public perception, one which I am confident our innovation and robust security will prove to deliver beyond. You should know your concerns are not only noted, but myself and the team are taking every measure to ensure we continue to ship transparently and openly. After yesterday’s AMA I have been overwhelmed with the messages of support from the community, to see past an incident and see past the falsified claims that were skewed to push a convoluted narrative, one that I wholeheartedly reject in its presentation and positioning. It is a disservice to you, our community that have supported us based upon the technical tenacity, sophisticated code and openness we pride ourselves with.

Just last month we hired over 10 devs alone and we are always hiring. We will continue building as we map out a variety of different primitives and projects. With that in mind, I, Omar Zaki will continue to use my profile as 0xbrainjar to interface with the community and with my team as it has allowed me to make a new start in my life that I never thought would be possible. The incidents of the past few days, I hope will not be the defining factor for our innovation, but I own the opportunity to now ensure that a more concerted effort is applied so that the team can take some time out of shipping to engage aside from myself and some of our notable others.

This platform will continue to operate with the same values that we have set and push forward robust cross-chain technology. And to ensure that you as individuals, as projects, and as a community can share in our philosophy.

Once again I apologize for the hurt this incident caused, the anxiety around it and also would like to take this opportunity to thank you for seeing beyond this and we will sustain ship_or_die.

At the service of our community, team and supporters,

Omar, 0xbrainjar




Composable Finance Founder & CEO. I write about R&D at Composable Finance. Physicist by training