DeFi and Web 3.0 Fireside Chats

2 min readAug 11, 2021

We are striving with Composable Finance to be thought leaders in the DeFi space and beyond. Thus, we introduce our Twitter-based “Fireside Chats” with founders, investors, and other leaders in the DeFi space. We hope that these conversations can lift the veil and provide some “behind the scenes” insights into some of the most prominent projects in the space, while also discussing how to work through pressing issues in DeFi.

Fireside Chat Structure:

Twitter spaces will be the home for these conversations, enabling real time and community participation while allowing the hosts and guests to steer the conversation.


Composable Finance’s CEO Cosmin and myself will be hosting these chats.


We aim to speak with some of the greatest minds in decentralized finance. Many of these individuals are founders and creators. However we recognize that talent resides in all aspects of the industry. Thus, our conversations will involve those individuals who have truly demonstrated innovation, regardless of position.


These Fireside Chats will take an “ask me anything” (AMA) approach, with a truly open format for the hosts to be flexible in the questions they ask based off of the particular guest and the flow of the conversation. Audience input may also steer directionality. Specific topics we intend to cover are those related to the past, present, and future endeavors of our guests, and their input on any present events or obstacles in their areas of expertise.


We are looking forward to engaging the community on the topics most relevant to composable — Polkadot, layer 2 scalability, and defining the DeFi primitives of the future.

Next Steps:

We have several interesting guests in the coming weeks. If you are a developer or other DeFi participant with important knowledge or work in the cross-layer or Polkadot space, reach out to me on Telegram at @brainjar to discuss joining our Fireside Chats.




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