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Introducing Composable Labs: An Incubator and Testing Ground for Projects using Composable’s Tech Stack

I invite the community to join in on our testing lab, where Composable will incubate projects using our technical stack to develop solutions to important issues facing DeFi.

Anyone following Composable Finance right now is entitled to feel slightly overwhelmed. In the past week, we’ve delivered on an audited high-yield vault strategy, raised $50M+ for the strategy, wrote about the evolution of the traditional finance industry, and even ran a meme competition. The next few weeks should be even more eventful. A proper ‘Composer’ understands our commitment to volume. We’re passionate about interoperability in DeFi, but the use case for interoperability that brings it to the masses is yet to be determined. To identify the ideal resolution, we’ll continue to test our tech in new product environments and form partnerships in new verticals. All of DeFi could be a use case for composability; we’re leaving no stone unturned.

Yet, these accomplishments are neither going to be realized overnight, nor are they aspirational. Over the past few months since our fundraise, I have watched Composable grow into an entire ecosystem of devs, operators, and artists… and I’m proud of what we’ve proven we can do. However, I admit that at our rapid pace, we could do better at including the entire community at each step of our development process.

As such, we at Composable Finance have designated a new forum to serve as our go-to place to ideate, incentivize, and celebrate projects being developed on Composable. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to this forum today: Composable Labs.

Composable Labs will play many roles. It is a landscape to test out, analyze, and optimize the various tools and components of the wide-reaching infrastructure project that is Composable Finance. It will also serve as an incubator for projects that are utilizing Composable’s tech stack. We also hope to use it to take feedback from the community to ensure we are optimally meeting users’ needs and aspirations.

I will be leading Composable Labs and hosting community discussions about the products we test out within the Composable Discord Channel. These discussions will focus on identifying the opportunities and limitations of the current DeFi ecosystem — particularly those relating to interoperability — and exploring various solutions.

Now, let’s jump into the key pillars of Composable Labs:

Pillar 1: Composable Labs will serve as an incubator to support projects using the Composable tech stack.

At Composable Finance, we don’t rely on a “build and they will come” approach — just providing our infrastructure and opening it up into the community is not enough to foster solutions. Instead, we take a much more hands-on approach, allowing us to support projects using our tech with our own expertise and resources.

Over the next months, we will incubate a multitude of experimental products via Composable Labs. This includes our own technologies and the work of other teams that have been invited to build on Composable’s software development kit (SDK) utilizing our technical stack.

It is our intention to incubate the most promising projects that emerge through our experimental lab. We will provide these endeavors with grants, development resources, and marketing assistance — taking nothing in return. Thus, we hope to expand the Composable ecosystem by helping these projects grow to fruition, delivering new and improved utilities to users.

We look forward to seeing what developers are able to create with our infrastructure, as we know that our technology will provide the space with new capabilities and reduced barriers to creating the most cutting-edge decentralized tools and applications.

Pillar 2: Composable Labs will shed light on complex problems, thus enabling the multi-layer, multi-chain future of DeFi.

The exploratory nature of Composable Labs will allow us to focus our incubation on projects that use our technical stack to tackle some of the most pressing yet unresolved questions in the DeFi space. Through this testing environment, we will be able to simulate, collect, and analyze data in order to resolve unanswered questions and unmet needs in the DeFi space.

For instance, liquidity requirements for cross-L2 transfers are poorly understood. It is incredibly important to understand these liquidity requirements in order to ensure the uninterrupted flow of assets between layer 2 platforms, or layer 2 may be rendered unusable. In fact, every L2 in existence has faced bridge liquidity issues that cause delays and increased costs in transactions, making this a pressing problem. Providing sufficient liquidity for cross-L2 transfers is thus just one important problem we intend to tackle — so stay tuned for more updates on our plan of action and how you can get involved.

In conclusion: The future is bright for DeFi, and it just got brighter.

The Composable Labs initiative will be a major stepping stone in the growth of the overall Composable Finance ecosystem. This participatory lab will allow us to support and experiment alongside other developers on solutions to the largest issues in the DeFi space, such as ensuring cross-L2 liquidity. Thus, Composable Labs helps us edge closer to an optimally functional multi-chain and multi-layer blockchain ecosystem.

Composable Finance is excited to announce the projects that are being incubated using Composable’s tech stack in the coming weeks.

If you are a developer with a project you think fits our ecosystem and goals, and you would like to participate in our interactive testing landscape at Composable Labs, reach out to me on Telegram at @brainjar.




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