Mosaic: Analysis of the Proof of Concept and Fee Model Optimization

An overview of Mosaic and our data

Mosaic is a novel framework for cross-chain and cross-layer token swaps which works to maximize user benefits. For this analysis, we leveraged our Liquidity Simulation Environment (LSE) along with the data we collected from the PoC itself to guide our discoveries.

Mosaic’s PoC data analysis

Our data team extracted the PoC’s preprocessed on-chain data and then ran the following analyses:

  • the liquidity % at which the maximum fee kicks in
  • the maximum fee % to charge
  • the minimum fee % to charge
  • 30% liquidity when a max fee kicks in
  • 4% maximum fee
  • 0.25% minimum fee

Final recap

Through our analysis of Mosaic’s PoC, and looking at the real-world transfer data acquired, we found that 90% of transfers are completed within 10 minutes, 95% within 11 minutes, and 99% within 14 minutes. Better yet, 95% of those transfer times can be further decreased, and we plan to make those improvements in the near future.



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